Chanel & Joseph wed at The Wentworth Mansion

From the start, Chanel won me over with her gorgeous Aussie accent, her confident style and her easy laugh.  Joseph, originally from Tennesse, resides in Charleston on behalf of our military.  The two met in school where Chanel was an exchange student.  By the way, LOVE her name!  From her pin curls to her Laboutins, Chanel was gorgeous!  She could strike a pose like nobody I’ve ever seen, and then suddenly break into laughter over something Joseph said or did.  You’ll see plenty of giggling during the ceremony over something to do with the rings.  hmm…..  And Joseph had the most interesting way of standing for his portraits…poor Chanel couldn’t keep a straight face.  Aside from lots of laughter, there was lots and lots of kissing.  They kissed for about a minute during the ceremony (try that sometime) and pretty much the rest of the day……you’ll see!  The neatest thing about these two lovebirds was that I didn’t do a bit of posing or scripting for their pictures.  This is them….all the way to the bouncing on the bed as I left for the night.

The location here was one of my all time favorites.  The immaculate accomodations at The Wentworth Mansion have been enjoyed by the rich and famous…..and me.  : )  The officiant was Nancy Russell.  Dinner and cake was served by Circa 1886.

That is her brother helping her pin a brooch to her sash….isn’t that just adorable?!

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