Mike & Nicole + James

Every year when Mike and Nicole make their way back to South Carolina for a summer visit, we try to coordinate our schedules for a portrait session.  The last time I saw Nicole she was expecting James, so this was my first time meeting the little guy in person.  What a treat!

Somehow we managed to pick the hottest day in August for our session.   Mike told me that our 100 degree day was nothing compared to the summer temps in Arizona where they live.  And Mike spends his days on a golf course so he would know!

Check out those blue eyes he inherited from Mom and Dad….and how do you resist those lashes?  James was giving us his “big smile” here.

James has his eye on something and we are about to go chasing it!


And he is ready to move again.  That’s what little boys do…move, move, move!

I’m pretty sure this look meant he was ready to go.  Then he found a door…a possible escape…and told us in his own way it was time to go.  I can’t wait to see you again next year!

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