The Wait Is Over

William Aiken House Garder Toss

Welcome to the new blog!  It is up and running just in time to announce a one-day workshop I am hosting on September 18th.  It will be lots of fun (because we love what we do, right?!) but the spaces are limited.  This workshop will be great as a refresher course for some of you, and it will be useful to anyone who would like tips and tricks to mastering natural light, flash and off-camera lighting in your photographs.  There will be lighting equipment set up for the workshop, but it is recommended that you bring your own equipment so that you can master what YOU work with every day.  Everyone will get a chance to shoot in multiple lighting situations and have their questions answered.  Snacks are provided, but you must find your own lunch during our break.

Get more info and sign up here for the workshop and keep an eye out for future workshops.

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  1. Hey, A+ post. You’ve just gained a new reader! Thanks.


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