A Rain Plan

It is September so we know there is a chance of rain.  I’ll step out and say it.  There’s always a chance of a hurricane, too.  But that doesn’t mean we should stay inside until Thanksgiving.  And luckily for me, Heather and Tim completely agree.

Heather and Tim met me while I was in the midst of shooting a wedding last fall.  Maybe we didn’t actually meet.  It was more like they saw me in action and thankfully liked what they saw.  That’s a really great compliment.  And I have the honor of photographing their wedding this October.

Tim is not terribly keen on being photographed.  He was most comfortable with his back to me.  But we made that work.  : )  And Heather knows just how to make him smile, too.  We started our walk with a few clouds forming overhead and within a few minutes it was sprinkling.  Heather and Tim had traveled in from out of town for this portrait session so rescheduling was not an option.  Donned in their finest (check out the heels!), you’d think rain might crash the party.  But Tim saw an opportunity to step in out of the rain for a cocktail.  I saw the opportunity for more photos…some of my favorites!

Maybe it was the drink, maybe the rain, but Tim started relaxing just a little.  Next we scored an umbrella at the concierge desk at the Mills House. We must have walked at least a few blocks in the rain but it was a blast.  Heather and Tim are attorneys.  They describe themselves as routine and boring and other such unflattering things….but I beg to differ!!!  Heather has this style that I can’t even touch.  And Tim could very well be a comedian as he kept me laughing the whole session.  I can’t wait until their wedding in October!


engagementengagementengagementengagementHeather’s flawless face was compliments of Pamela Lesch Makeup.  The wedding planning is being masterfully handled by Megan Morgan with Luke Wilson Special Events.  Check back for wedding highlights late October!

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