Jackson’s 1st Birthday

There is a part of my work that I didn’t anticipate 10 years ago when I began my photography business…and that is the friendships that would develop with the brides and grooms I have photographed.  They have blessed me with beautiful little additions to photograph throughout the years.  Jackson is one of those joyful little surprises.  His first birthday was something Amber and Justin wanted to be sure and document as well as they had their own love story.  In fact, he is a continuation of that love story.  Amber felt that Jackson would be most comfortable in his own environment, so we shot in their home and their backyard.  Jackson’s best time of day just happened to be the brightest time of day, but full sun didn’t keep him from showing off his baby blues.  Jackson’s energy, playful curiosity, and total infatuation with his mom and dad were easy to pick up on and so much fun to photograph.  first birthdayballoonsfamilywatch me gobathbathbathfamily


  1. Amber these pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! Happy Belated Birthday Jackson!

  2. Kim, you are simply amazing! Thank you for these wonderful photos of Jackson. We will always cherish them! It was easy to get Jackson to smile since he was looking at the beautiful photographer!


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