Kids + Sun + Ice Cream

It’s been *ahem* awhile since I posted some of the sessions I’ve been working on.  Let’s just say it took me FOUR (4) tries to remember my administrator passcode.  Where to start……how about early August?

It’s 10am and already way too hot to expect children to smile about very much.  These three precious children are pretty stoic most of the time anyway, so it took some Skittles and promises of ice cream to even get their attention away from thoughts of jumping into the fountain.

Mom wanted a picture of their feet at an age where feet are pretty, picture-worthy and time stamps of fleeting youth.

children feet

And here is the precocious Miss Riley….hot or cold, happy or sad, this is the expression I get.

children's portraitAnd here is Miss Peyton….busy as a bee!  I’m not sure she even knew I was there that day.  : )

children's portraitBig brother Zane was a reluctant participant as you can see by his expression here.  Having two little sisters is hard on a boy!

children's portraitAhhh, but look at the smile he saves for just one special person in his life…MOM!  She was standing behind me when I snapped this brief but gorgeous smile.  And just as sweet is the way Peyton adoringly gazed at big brother here.

children's portraitBy now any local can see that we were at the oft visited Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston.  The pineapple fountain definitely gives any picture a “Charletson” stamp, and that is just what this family wanted.

children's portraitchildren's portrait The children (and the grownups) were hot under the August sun and overbearing humidity.  Next stop ICE CREAM!!!  Yes, that actually did make Riley grin!

children's portrait Off to Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream for a sweet treat!  Doesn’t ice cream deserve its own picture?  Why, yes, it does.  These last few are a series of wonderful expressions.  Though I was sitting directly in front of the children, I don’t believe they noticed me at all.

ice creamchildren ice creamWhile her brother and sister went in search of a bathroom, Peyton took full advantage of the situation.  But notice her eyes…never resting on me…but looking out for the return of the competition.  Sweet faces!!!



  1. Gorgeous, beautiful, must-be-super-intelligent children! Oh, and did I mention my godchild (Riley), nieces and nephew! Beautiful work!

  2. So cute

  3. I love these children! Great pictures! I need some with my baby girl too!


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