Some people just know how to party!

One of my favorite events this summer was a party thrown by one of Charleston’s most generous benefactors.  He will remain nameless at his request.  The pictures I am sharing are chosen specifically not to infringe on the privacy of those in attendance.  But let me assure you that they are Charleston’s most gracious and generous souls.  Hosts of people in our fair city are blessed by their good nature every year, and I am always so honored to be called in to photograph their events.

The lawn on which I stood is nicer than most golf greens.  Wait, there was a private golf green just off to the side of the stage I believe.  And the views of the ocean and marsh were breathtaking from under the live oaks and palms from which romantic bare bulb strings stretched across the sky.  But the musical guests we were treated to had me pinching myself that I was being paid to be there.  A local favorite, Ronnie Johnson, opened the evening with his unique combination of beach and rootsy guitar notes.  He was followed by individual sets and duets by Edwin McCain and Darius Rucker, who call themselves good friends to our gracious host.

Guests indulged in the finest food and drinks all evening while enjoying their own private concert on the lawn.  Some even took to dancing a bit. Fun, relaxed, and perfect in every way.  I’d love to go back and do it again!

The gorgeous lighting for the party and on stage was all done by Todd at TEC.

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  1. I know EXACTLY who this is. I have known them for about 15 years and they are GREAT people. That annual party is always a big bash! : )


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