Meet Henry.  Things you should know about Henry:  he loves his mother, he loves water, he loves horses, and he LOVES bananas.  Henry looks so much like his dad Charlie, but dad steers clear of cameras.  You won’t see him in any of these pictures.  Amy (otherwise known as mommy) didn’t intend to be in too many of these pictures, but Henry loves his mom.  Wait, I said that already.  familyHenryHenry has a special name for water.  I wouldn’t know how to spell it if I tried.  Nobody is quite certain where the name came from or what language it might be, but it sure is cute to hear him say it over and over.

HenryThat’s his “all wet” face.  He immediately forgot about being wet because his favorite animals walked by.  I must say children are fascinating because they are so easily fascinated!  I love seeing the world through their eyes.

HenryHenryHenry Even though the family lives in Virginia, Amy and Charlie still call South Carolina home in many ways…her parents live here, they were married here, and let’s not forget they are the best Gamecock fans north of the Carolinas!  : )

SC flagThis series is just too cute!  The faces progress from wanting to pet the doggy to running in fear from the doggy to wondering where the doggy went.doggydoggyHenryHenryHenryThese next few are my favorites.  Sweet and timeless.  They remind me of photos of my dad from his childhood.

HenryHenryThanks for coming all the way to Charleston so I could photograph Henry!  I’ll remember to bring bananas next time.

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