Sullivan’s Island revisited

family portraitEvery year just before school starts, Margaret Ann and Cam bring their whole family to Sullivan’s Island for a week to enjoy the beach and each other’s company.  It’s a vacation but it’s even more than that, it’s now tradition.  It’s something I count on like my morning coffee.  I LOVE this family.

As Margaret Ann would say, she knew me “when”.  When I was transitioning out of film and into digital.  When our friend and my mentor JD was still with us.  When she had a mere two grandchildren!  waaaaay back when…   And every year until this one, we have done a beach shoot. Posed, candid, matchy, non-matchy, and every other thing you can think of.  It was time to mix it up again.

You may see the ocean in the background but we were not on the beach.  : )  Needing to stay close to their beach house, I scouted the area for something cool and photogenic.  This great big empty lot with a view of the ocean, a rusty old wrought iron gate on a crumbling brick fence, a big old oak on the lot, and plenty of wildflowers all over….perfect!  So I marched our troop onto the lot only to have everyone, children included, attacked by Biblical-plague-amounts of ants.  Maybe they weren’t fire ants, but they were fast and angry.  yikes!  I just got the shivers thinking back to that.  So we used the fence near the safety of the road and went back to the beach house to finish it off.

childrenfamilyThis is the newest member of the family.  I believe Margaret Ann told me we have had someone pregnant at each of the shoots for the past four years.  Not this time!  But there are six grandchildren now.

familyfamilyThese are two amazing people.  If a family is often compared to a tree, then these roots go quite deep….so much love and respect!

familychildrenSiblings and cousins, so close that it seems a little too good to be true.  I had to include several shots so you could see all the love they share.

childrenchildrenchildrenchildrenchildrenchildrenThank you Margaret Ann and Cam!  See you next year!

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