Will you marry me…?

No, no…not me, I’m married already!  But Matt did ask Rachelle that question tonight.

Of course she said, “Yes!” or I probably wouldn’t be posting this, would I?

Matt is this perfectly adorable romantic fellow who literally bumped into me while I was finishing a shoot a month back.  He grabbed my card and briefly told me about his plan to photograph his surprise proposal.  We set things up and here we are.

Matt’s birthday is today.  He had all the bells and whistles planned to look like a lovely evening out celebrating his birthday with his girl.  Dinner at a nice restaurant.  A moonlit carriage ride.  And later dessert at Kaminsky’s where I was waiting for them.  Matt had his “question” written out in chocolate on the plate holding Rachelle’s favorite dessert.  The whole crew at Kaminsky’s was in on it, making sure they had a table reserved, a spot at the bar for me to get the best photos, and the other patrons conveniently out of the way for a perfect proposal.

proposalproposalRachelle is checking out the desserts and this is what she sees…

proposalMatt immediately dropped to one knee and pulled the ring from his pocket.  It was like a perfect date night movie and I had front row seats.  And this is the part where Rachelle was so surprised and happy that words wouldn’t come, only tears.proposalproposalYep, that’s a “yes”!  And that’s also a shutter speed of 125, f/1.2 at 6400 iso.  It was dark in there.  Oh, yeah…this is also where the applause broke out from everyone in the room.proposalproposalproposal See the faces in the window and off to the side?  This is where Rachelle remembers that she’s not alone…the whistles and applause brought her back to reality a little.proposalAnd this is where Matt introduces Rachelle to me…briefly!  Because that girl was lost in the moment as she had every right to be.proposalproposalproposalproposalproposal The happy couple got to have their cake and eat it, too.  : )  Yes, I’m a cheese ball.  These guys left the biggest grin on my face tonight.  All the best to you, Matt and Rachelle!!!


  1. love it, Kim!

  2. How romantic! How awesome to capture these wonderful moments.

  3. OMG…OMG…you are two in a million. Absolutely the most beautiful engagement…tears, more tears.
    Congratulations and all the best!
    I can only IMAGINE!
    Love you Rachelle & Matt

  4. How precious!
    Couldn’t have asked for more!

  5. “Congratulations to you both, Rachelle & Matt, we were lucky enough to be with your parents Rachelle when the excitement hit Canton Saturday nite, your parents are just ecstatic for you and speak so highly of Matt, we wish you all the happiness in the world, enjoy each other, life is too short and goes by soo fast! We hope to meet Matt sometime when you are in town again! It was so exciting to see your faces, how happy you both are! Once again, Congratulations and we wish so much happiness in your future together !

  6. AWESOME!!! I love that you didn’t use flash. All the emotion and mood is captured because you didn’t use flash!!! : )

    • Thanks! Matt specifically asked if I could shoot without flash, which I prefer in this intimate situation. It helped me be invisible and not ruin the moment, too.

  7. Aw, you two. That was beautiful. The most original proposal I have ever seen. It bodes well for a happy life together, which we all wish for you. Congratulations. The desserts look good. Hope the wedding cake comes from there.

  8. Thank you sooo much for sharing this with me…it makes me cry all over again!! Matt, I knew Rachelle was awesome, but you take the cake…(Wow..that just slipped out) I have never seen 2 more beautiful people. I wish you all the happiness imaginable…Best Wishes for a long, long life together! Rhonda

  9. So….. cute, so…….. special!!! I’m a baker, and if I ever get that serious with another man, I hope he thinks to do the same….!!

  10. I LOVE…AH this idea of incorporating a bakery into the proposal, because I’m a baker, so much!!!!! I have saved this on my computer! I really wish I could add this to my Pinterest board!!! REALLY!!!


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