Annie’s little sprouts

Welcome back to the blog (I’m telling myself)…the holidays were heavily weighted in the direction of my family, and quite intentionly so.  The blog took a back seat to holiday portrait sessions, weddings, Christmas cards, albums….and so on and so forth.  The best part was that the kids got lots of homemade goodies and we made tons of holiday memories.   Where should I start?  Since I just visited Annie for a newborn session today, I thought posting her maternity shots from December would be a good place to begin.

Annie, Jeremy, and Landon hiked all over the place for these photos.  Hard to believe Annie was just a few weeks from delivery here, and she never complained a bit about the long walk or the odd places I had her sit.  What an adorable family!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful family! I absolutely love these! However, it’s not fair for someone to look so great so close to their due date! Now i’m tempted to do a Maternity session!


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