Sunday afternoons are meant for something other than work.  Reflection.  Family time.  Recharing the batteries.  Taking time to be thankful for all the things you hurry past during the week.  It’s been several years since I took the time, or considered it worth my time, to photograph spring flowers.  Today I took the first lap around the block with my daughter on her tricycle, soaking in the sun and blue skies, listening to birds sing as they busied themselves building nests, dodging honey bees drinking up the jessamine nectar….it was rather surreal.  I stopped by the house on the second loop around the block to grab my camera.  My old friend JD would be smiling at me right now for taking some “me” time, whether it was behind the camera or not.  Charleston in the spring is magical and starts earlier than most places.  It’s a joy to call this place home.

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