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It is time to check in, refresh the blog page and let you all know what I’ve been up to lately.  There have been bridal portraits (which can’t be posted until the respective weddings are here), weddings out of town and around Charleston, a gazillion baseball practices and games, a mostly “unplugged” spring break with the kids out of school last week, and Easter festivities.  I’m on the phone alot these days scheduling sessions and rescheduling sessions due to rain.  : )  The buzz is back and I’m not just talking about the bees.  Charleston is in full bloom.  But check out the hail we had last week!  There’s never a dull moment when you rely on the weather for your work schedule.

Change has been the theme of 2011 for me thus far.  I’m creeping up on 40 and I keep checking for signs of wear and tear.  Oh, it’s there on the body, but my spirit and outlook are as comfortable and youthful as ever.  Maybe more than ever.  It’s changing the way I see life through the lens. It’s also changing the way I look at people, LOVE people, parent and love my husband.  God’s voice is louder and clearer these days.  I’ve got more purpose and direction and feel drawn to reach out of my comfort zone.  It’s such an amazing thing to match up the passion that’s always been burning inside of me with a direction and an action.  Let’s see…more changes…  The lease on my office space is up in June.  Luke and I are moving out and not sure where to.  I may go back to working strictly from home but we’ll see what happens.  My oldest is going to middle school in August (yikes!) and I enrolled my youngest for Kindergarten this morning.  My husband just enrolled for college classes this week and is pursuing a new career with Boeing.  Changes, changes everywhere.  So as I get more comfortable with who God purposed me to be, I am realizing that finding a cozy spot to settle in and rest is just not what it’s about.  I’m embracing the journey as my destination.  (and loving it!)


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