Jennifer and Brett are full of that contagious kind of laughter… plus the smirks, giggles and cute jokes.  They don’t take themselves too seriously, so the result is a truly laid back affair where everyone has fun.  Jennifer laughed going down the aisle!  They laughed as they exchanged rings.  Brett smirked and scratched his head all silly like when he realized they’d been pronounced “husband and wife”.  You know, I hope their children and grandchildren look back on these wedding pictures with a sense of wonder at all the joy shared by these two.

Let’s be real now.  There wasn’t just a bunch of kissy kissy going on.  Jennifer and her girls can tear up a dance floor!  Oh, my!!  Darrell of The Connellys set up his very popular photo booth on the grounds for added entertainment.  Jennifer might have been in 99% of the pictures.  The camera loves her and she loves the camera!  Well, that is easy to see below.

Jennifer and Brett, I wish you continued happiness and a long life together!

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