John and Denise…they have stories.  Really, really awesome stories.  Somewhat unbelievable, definitely loveable.  I hope they make a movie about these two one day.  Without giving away their sweet secrets, I can say that it would be a mix between “Four Weddings and a Funeral” minus the funeral, “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”, and “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.  And that is just the story of how they met.

John and Denise…her Greek heritage, her career in the NYC fashion district, a prominent judge as a close family friend, his well-known family business to run, and super cool and relaxed demeanors.  John and Denise waited a long time to find each other, and no amount of threatening weather would dampen the sweet peacefulness and intense love these two share.

The storms were pretty intense.  The forecast had huge rain and thunderstorms covering the entire area.  I couldn’t help but take several shots of the weather progression throughout the day.  It was hard to describe, but the guests were talking about the odd way the clouds formed around the house all day.  It was raining on either side of us up and down the beach.  The clouds were scary and threatening but all the while, there remained a small opening for the sun just overhead.  You couldn’t have been there and not know it was unusual.  Magical.  Blessed.  The rain held off until the very last picture was taken, at which point the bride and groom took off running into the house.

The house is special, too.  It belongs to John’s parents.  It has been the site a other family weddings and special occasions.  DeBordieu is a beautiful place and their home occupies a particularly beautiful stretch of beach.  The family and close friends that were invited to the wedding were so much like their hosts….loving and wonderful!  It’s amazing to be around a whole group of people like that.  And they filled the place up with their children.  It sometimes looked like there were more children than adults!

In case the many pictures of Denise’s bulldog don’t give it away, Denise LOVES her doggy.  She actually preferred I take pictures of her bulldog than of herself.  So I took a bunch!

The cake was by Jim Smeal and the flowers by Tiger Lily, both of Charleston.

When I left John & Denise, they were dancing beneath a full moon to the crackle of a fire and the crash of the waves.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love her dress and the cake, and absolutely adore the raffia and sand dollar napkin rings. So perfect and delicate.

    I really love the pairing of the pool table and moonlight over the water shots. They’re both just stunning images, for different reasons, but perfect together!


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