This sweet family lives in Beaufort, but our ties run deep.  Peyton’s grandmother Gretchen became a good friend of mine years back when we worked together on her daughter’s wedding.  Gretchen is a design maven here in Charleston, so I am hugely flattered anytime she calls on me.  This time her call was to bestow my services as a gift to her son’s family.  Peyton is the first grandchild in the family and loved like the angel she resembles.  We chose to shoot downtown to take advantage of the Charleston scenery and revisit a few places special to Peyton’s parents.

After chasing Peyton through the park and around several trees, she quite beautifully collapsed on her favorite blanket.  Then she rolled over and gave me these “older than her years” poses that made her daddy blush.

This precious child LOVED to smell flowers.  And like most children, her curiosity for all things new overcame her desire to pose for the camera.  But these sweet and playful photos are exactly why I love to photograph children.

Yes, she was waving at the tourists walking by….how adorable!

This is where Adam and Amy stopped to show Peyton where they were married.  : )

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