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There’s going to be a handsome discount exclusive to Kim Graham Photography clients, so be sure to make it to the bottom of the page before moving on along!

Fuquay-Varina Photographer, Jebb GraffOh hi. My name is Jebb Graff. You may recognize me from the various roles I’ve played on several made-for-TV and direct-to-DVD movies including but not limited to “Dog Catcher #2”, “Portly Street Sweeper” and my most famous role to date “Ridiculously Good Looking Photobooth Guy”. Well, the actual credit reads as “Photobooth Photographer”, but my mom tells me otherwise and my cat thinks I’m his pajamas. Actually he just likes to sleep on my head, but that’s another story.

My esteemed colleague Kim Graham, asked me (read: accepted bribe) to write up a little piece about myself and the latest addition to my photography & design business for her blog. I thought to myself while polishing my mirror, “well I love talking about myself, and everyone loves what I have to say, so yeah…I guess I’ll do it” (read: I hate talking about myself and Kim may be crazy for allowing this).

Alright alright…enough shenanigans for a few words. Kim and I have known each other and worked together on various projects for quite some time now. She even photographed my wedding! We’re both photographers, and we like to work together to provide fantastic photos more than we like to duke it out as competitors. I’m writing this post today to share my wedding & event photobooth with you.

Though I do occasionally second-shoot (an industry term meaning “shoot second”, or “also photograph”) weddings with colleagues, I stopped photographing them solo so I could hone in on children portraiture for my own photographic art. I love the one-on-one experience and planning that goes into portraiture as well as the honest/experiential world that children live in. For the most part, kids don’t have the same fears of being in front of a camera as adults do. They’re not worried about their weight, wrinkles or hair and can really be themselves in front of the camera. You may be asking what this has to do with a photobooth. My answer to that? Everything!

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had my fair share of “don’t take my picture” or the classic hand in front of face pose from guests over the years. Without being too NOVA-esque and delving deep into that psychology, I’ll make my own personal observation about those circumstances. People don’t like to be bothered. Pretty simple right? Well what do people like if they don’t like to be bothered? Duh…people like to have fun! If a kid doesn’t look happy when you ask him to look at the camera and smile, do you think the average adult will? No way Jose’! Ever notice how great the dancing photos are from wedding receptions? It’s not because the photographer instructed Fred & Ginger to laugh and throw their hands up in the air! It simply comes down to the fact that awesomely fun photos come from people having an awesomely fun time! That’s where the photobooth comes in.

Our photobooth isn’t the tiny box kind you find at the mall foodcourt. Think prom pictures sans the perm, braces and awkward teenage hormones. We have a big backdrop, big studio lighting – set up in a fashion style to make everyone look stunning, an instant preview of the pictures on a huge screen and best of all…no order forms! Your guests get a little card with instructions that take them to a page for a free download of their photo that’s already sized for Facebook. Easy, breezy, beautiful…[don’t want a lawsuit, but you know the phrase]. So what’s fun about that? I may lose my serious photographer cred for saying it, but the photobooth has very little to do with photos. It has everything to do with having a good time. The actual photos are basically the icing on the cake when it comes down to it. We have all kinds of props to make the booth a fun time. It gives wall-flowers a fun option during fast songs and rug-cutters something fun to do during the slow songs. Win-win!

Using the sophisticated hardware and software of the GraffBookPro, I’ve come up with this intensely powerful statistical data where a+b=c.

Without Photobooth
a) Approach group of people snacking on their delicious hors d’oeuvres served by one of Charleston’s finest caterers.
b) Ask them for a photograph.
c) Photo of guests annoyed due to interrupted conversation and self conscious smiles due to fear of asparagus appetizer being emulsified to teeth.

~ OR ~

With Photobooth
a) Book Graff Creative Photobooth for your wedding.
b) Guests see shiny lights and other friends having fun at star-studded photobooth.
c) An actual line forms for pictures, and you have real deal, smiling, happy, honest to goodness, true blue photographic proof that your guests had a blast at your wedding.

Finally, if my verbosity hasn’t convinced you that the photobooth is a great addition to your wedding or event; I’ll let this photo do its thousand words thing. Wedding & Party Photobooth | Graff Creative

Those are real-life teenagers having fun and smiling getting their photo taken, and that’s just one of the mild ones I have permission to post! Just imagine what the photobooth pictures from your wedding will look like when your friends and family get to posing. Especially that one…you know the one…that person that you’re a little worried about. Here is where he/she can shine. Can you say over the top?! Or if you don’t spreken ze English: over ze top!

So you may notice a shortage of photos on my website. That’s why I’m here. I am running an extension of my special offer for brides & grooms that book a wedding with Kim Graham Photography. It’s simple. Book Kim as your wedding photographer, get our photobooth for 50% Off and No Travel Fee for weddings in the Charleston area. That offer is extended for the first 5 people to book Kim and yours truly together.

Thanks be to Kim for letting me ramble on your beautiful blog, and to those who made it all the way through to the end of this post! See you soon!





  1. What an awesome deal!
    Great blog post too. You’re a trip Jeb. 🙂

    • Why thank you kind sir.


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