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Boudoir on the beach

Really doesn’t sound very private, does it?  Oh, but it was.  Imagine a warm September morning around 6:30am on the remotest part of the island.  Just us and the pelicans.  And dolphins.  And two fishermen.  And a nasty swarm of black flies.  The fishermen didn’t bother us…they didn’t really even look in our direction.  (what’s up with that???)  The black flies still give me nightmares, though.  Hurricane Earl had passed off shore just a few days earlier.  These flies were supposedly blown in with the hurricane (according to Luke Wilson and Google).  Hundreds of bites later, I’m still glad we did this.  Miss “N” didn’t get bit quite so bad, so her pictures only needed the flies “photoshopped” out.  She has her wedding this weekend so our lips are sealed until she surprises her fiance on the wedding day with this book.  Don’t you just love imagining his surprise and delight?!  I hope she tells him how she roughed it like a supermodel in a SI swimsuit shoot.  : ) Keeping it PG for my sensitive viewers and for Miss “N”‘s...